Common Landscaping Mistakes

With the spring weather here it’s time to give your yard the much-needed TLC after a long winter!  It’s time to start planting your plants, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and much more!  However when it comes to yard work, common mistakes tend to be made.

  1. Improper sunlight and exposure- Most people often do not take into consideration proper sunlight and exposure for their plants.  It’s important to pay attention to the little tag that you get when you your plant.
  2. Planting too deeply- One of the quickest ways to kill a tree is to plant it too deep.  Putting too much soil around a tree can choke the tree to death because air is not allowed to go to the root system.  Planting a tree too deep can also encourage root rot.
  3. Cutting grass too short- It’s a common myth that if you cut your grass shorter you won’t have to mow it as much, but in reality it can cause harm to your grass.  Cutting your grass too short could result in a bare patch which could invite insects and/or susceptible to disease.  The key is to cut your grass different lengths throughout the year.
  4. Using pots- Select a pot that is bigger than the one you purchase your plant in, but ensure that it is not too big.  If you select a pot that is too big your plant may shift, sink down, get too much water, or dry out fast.  You may also have to replant your plant in the future too if you notice little roots sticking out of the bottom.
  5. Fertilizing- When it comes to fertilizing, it’s important to actually do it but not too much or improperly.  It’s a good idea to fertilize at least twice a year- once in the spring and once in the fall.  You should avoid applying during the heat of the day and remember to water immediately after each application.

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