Preparing Your Cool Weather Grass for the Season

With spring and warm weather in the air it’s time to start thinking about your spring landscaping maintenance.  Cool season grass is a type of grass that thrives in cold freezing winters and hot summers.  Cool season grass can be found in New England, Upper Midwest, High Plains and Northern California up to the Pacific Northwest.  This grass thrives when temperatures are between 65-80 degrees, which is typically during the spring and fall months.

Maintaining your cool season grass is essential to prepare for the warmer months.  During the month of March you should overseed thin spots early if you missed them in the fall, power rake or mow to remove excess old growth and have your soil treated.  Fertilization is essential during the month of April along with mowing, removing excessive heavy diseased clippings, and aerating if thatch is heavy or soil is compact.  For additional tips on how to help maintain your cool season grass contact the A-Team today!

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