Preparing your lawn for the winter

With Nebraska’s winter approaching, it’s time to start preparing your lawn to make sure when spring time emerges, your lawn is green and healthy.


You should aim to apply winterizer fertilizer in October or November. The nutrients in this application are geared to promote strong root growth in the fall. Helping the turf promote strong roots now will lead to a healthier and thicker lawn next spring.


Aerating is more than just punching holes in the ground. This process is important, because it alleviates compaction that accumulates in the top few inches of the soil profile, helps water infiltration by alleviating thatch build up, allows oxygen to move into the soil layer easier, and creates better seed beds for overseeding.


Overseeding is a great addition to fall aerating, because the seed has a new place where it can now make contact with the soil. Watering after overseeding is important to ensure that the newly spread seed settles down into the soil line. Aerating along with overseeding are important practices to ensure your lawn is as thick as possible. A thick lawn helps combat weeds better than any other lawn care practice!

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