How harmful is de-icer to your landscape?

Ice melt can be very useful when winter comes but how safe is it on your grass, plants, and trees? The chemical de-icers can help eliminate ice on your pavement by lowering the temperature of the water. However, the chemicals in the de-icer can shorten the lifespan of your concrete, corrode metal railings, pollute water through runoffs, damage soils and stunt or kill nearby plants. It can take several months for grass to grow back after the de-icer has damaged it.

It is best to shovel or snow blow the area and sprinkle it with sand or kitty litter for traction. This will keep your sidewalks and driveway clear from harmful chemicals.

Preparing your landscape before winter comes by pruning fertilizing, and water will help your plants with stand the harmful chemicals from the de-icer. It is always important to prepare your plants for the upcoming seasons. The “A Team” specializes in preparing your plants for each season!

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