Spring Clean Up

It may not fully feel like spring yet outside but spring is here!  With spring comes new projects including yard clean up! Here are some tips for how to clean up your yard this spring:

  1. Remove the Debris- With the wind, snow and rain you may notice several fallen branches, start your clean up efforts by collecting the ones that have fallen.
  2. Rake Dead Leaves and Twigs- Thoroughly rake the yard and garden beds to get rid of any dead leaves or twigs that may keep your grass from absorbing the sunlight.
  3. Prune and Trim- Prune back weatherworn bushes and hedges as well as any perennials that look overgrown. Trim tree limbs and branches that you can reach or make arrangements to have a professional tree trimmer take care of the rest.
  4. Map Out Landscaping and Garden Plans- Contact the A Team at Antler Country Landscaping to help assist you in mapping out your new landscaping this year. The A Team will put together a plan and include picture of the various plants and flowers that will be incorporated into your new yard.
  5. Schedule Your Landscape Install- The A Team will work hard to ensure your yard is looking great for the new season! We will take before and after pictures for you and even keep you updated on the progress.

For more information on spring clean up or to schedule your FREE landscape consultation contact the A Team today!

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