Our main feature is color enhancement of properties, and bringing curb appeal to every home with the use of shrubs, grasses and colorful flowering perennials.

Shrubs: Shrubs are hardy woody plants that add structure and fill in space. Some shrubs can grow to be tree-size, and even trained to act like a tree, but for most gardens, these plants are valuable low-maintenance mid-size garden features. Some shrubs are most well known for their flowers, while others are popular for their showy foliage. Like trees, shrubs can be either evergreen or deciduous.

Grasses: Fountain grass is a very popular choice for nearly every style of landscape. Flowing and graceful, these plants can range in size from 6” high to over 7′, with colors ranging from pale green to a deep purple. Very hardy and easy to maintain, fountain grass just needs to be cut back once or twice a year for healthy and vibrant foliage.

Flowering Perennials: Perennials are plants that can live for multiple years. Once established, these plants need less water and are hardier than annuals. With minimal upkeep, flowering perennials reward the gardener every season with blooms.